Professor Chris Ryan

The Director of the Research Unit is Professor Chris Ryan. Chris has written two books in English on tourism in China with Professors Gu Huimin, Director of the China Hospitality Industry Research Center at Beijing International Studies University and Professor Sam Huang. In addition he is Emeritus Editor of the academic journals Tourism Management and founding Editor of Tourism Management Perspectives, and in 2020 launched Tourism Critiques: Practice and Theory with Associate Professor Zhang Xiaoyu. He has published over 200 refereed journal articles, has over 22,000 citations and an 'h' index of >76 and is winner of various research and best paper awards.  He has been cited in many articles as one of the leading academics in tourism research on a global scale, and was ranked as among the world's top 1% researchers by PLOS  One (2019). He has also served on various governmental and industry bodies and  now heads the UNWTO INSTO centre for the Waikato programme.

Chris Ryan 教授: 中国-新西兰研究中心主任

Dr Ma Xiaolong

Dr Ma Xiaolong  was formerly the Director of Regional Tourism Development and Planning Institute of the China Tourism Academy. This is essentially the research arm of the China National Tourism Administration which determines Chinese tourism policies and implements the objectives of tourism as a ‘pillar’ of the Chinese economy as determined by the Five Year plans.   Widely acknowledged in China Xiaolong is also on the Investment Project Panel of National Development Bank of China and a member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Construction for Small Towns.


Professor Wang Lin

Professor Wang Lin is Dean of the College of International Business at the University of Hainan based in Haikou, Hainan Island China. Lin’s first degree was in English and she has worked with Chris in co-authoring and translating two of his books into Chinese. Lin is significantly involved in offering advisory and consultancy services to the Island’s government as Hainan emerges as one of the ‘hot’ spots of China’s tourism development as it becomes ‘China’s Hawaii’ using its climate, beaches, mountains, forests and culture to be one of the fastest developing tourist areas in the world.


Dr Chao (Nicole) Zhou

Dr Chao (Nicole) Zhou lectures  at the Department of Tourism at Zhejiang International Studies University, having previously been its head. Nicole also knows New Zealand well having lived in New Zealand for approximately six years before returning to China in 2010, and having gained her doctoral degree at the University of Waikato. Based in Hangzhou the University is well placed to study the impacts of and development of tourism in what is one of China’s most popular tourism and convention centres, with its famous West Lake, attracts over 20 million tourists each year.  From Hangzhou it is also easy to access the water towns of Suzhou and the Buddhist Island of Putuoshan. She has published in Event Management and in 2019/2020 undertook research into Chinese visitors at the Maori village of Whakawerawera in Rotorua, New Zealand.

周超在新西兰居住了六年,对新西兰非常了解。她在2010年获得怀卡托大学旅游博士学位。 她现在任教的浙江外国语学院坐落于杭州这座中国的热点旅游及会展城市,对研究旅游影响非常有利。杭州西湖本身每年能吸引两千万游客。杭州地理位置优越,去水都苏州和著名的佛教圣地普陀山都很便利。

Professor Cui Xiaoming

Professor Cui Xiaoming is the International Director of Ankang University, Shaanxi Province and is also a member of Ankang’s Tourism Department. Professor Xiaoming has several publications to her name in both Mandarin and English, and has spent time with her daughter in New Zealand. Her research interests lie in tourism development, which is particularly pertinent for her area of China which currently has undertaken several investments in rural tourism with some emphasis on tea tourism. Ankang is a ‘small’ Chinese city of 3 million, and is fast developing as destination in its own right, being but 3 hours from Xi’an and its terracotta warriors. She gained her doctorate in studying regional development in Shaanxi Province.


Associate Professor Tim Lockyer

Associate Professor Tim Lockyer is a former Chair Person of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Waikato and held a Visiting Scholar’s post at Beijing International Studies University. Tim brings a knowledge of not only Beijing but also Hong Kong, having lived there for a number of years while teaching at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. While Tim has now retired from his full-time post at the University he remains in a part-time capacity advising and still supervising research students within the Tourism and Hospitality cluster, and these days generally spends at least three months of the year teaching at Zhejiang International Studies University.

Tim Lockyer副教授:怀卡托大学旅游系前系主任,北京第二外国语学院客座教授。

Professor Jigang Bao

Professor Jigang Bao is Assistant President of Sun Yat Sen University and  was Dean of the School of for Post Graduate Research. Since 2005 he has been a member of the UNWTO Panel of Experts and from 2008 a consultant for the China Academy of Tourism. In 2010 he won an award for his work in Urban-Rural Planning in Guangdong Province with reference to the protection of Yuexin-Baiyun-Nanhu-Maofengshan Region. Currently his work is funded by the National Foundation of Natural Science in China, while he has recently completed work for the National Bureau of Oceanography. He is the author of 20 books and well over 120 refereed journal articles as well as being involved in the development of tourism plans in Yunan, Hunan, Xinjiang, Anhui and many other areas of China. He has also published books featuring his photography.


Professor Gu Huimin

Professor Gu Huimin is the Director of the China Hospitality Industry Research Center located at Beijing International Studies University, and she works closely with China National Tourism Administration and Beijing Tourism Administration on issues relating to both hospitality and tourism. She is a winner with Professor Ryan of awards for research excellence from Beijing Social Sciences and Philosophy Committee and Asia Pacific Tourism Association, the author of more than 12 books including in English and German, and has published in leading SSCI rated English language research journals such as Tourism Management, Cornell Quarterly, and International Journal of Hospitality Management. She holds a doctoral degree in economics from Renmin University. Professor Gu is recognised as an 'exceptional scholar' for her contributions to hospitality education in the series of outstanding tourism and hospitality scholars maintained by Professor Metin Kozak in his journal, Anatolia. She is currently Dean of the College of Tourism and Hospitality at Beijing International Studies University.

谷慧敏教授是人民大学经济学博士。她和中国国家旅游局及北京旅游局在旅游和饭店管理方面都有紧密的合作关系。她和Chris Ryan教授合作的关于北京胡同旅游发展的研究荣获第十一届北京市哲学社会科学优秀成果奖。她著有12本旅游专著,部分已经被翻译成英语和德语出版。她在国际知名英语期刊上多次发表论文,包括《旅游管理》,《康奈尔酒店管理季刊》,以及《国际旅游管理期刊》。

Professor Xu Honggang

Professor Xu Honggang is currently the Dean of the School of Tourism at Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, Guangdong. The winner of several research awards and contracts from the National Science Foundation of China, Honggang has undertaken research into the impacts of tourism on the ethnic minorities in China as in Yunnan Province. In addition she is also fortunate enough to have an office at Huangshan, just within the borders of the Huangshan Scenis Area, from which she conducts a number of research projects. She is generally interested in the sociological aspects o tourism, and particularly in social impacts.

徐红罡教授: 中山大学旅游学院副院长

Dr Sun Minghui

Dr Sun Minghui is our research assistant. Mindy has a background of working in the Chinese tourism industry, and her experiences include taking Chinese tourists to the game parks of South and East Africa. She undertook her Master’s degree at North-West University and subsequently gained her doctoral degree at Waikato with research into the blogs of Chinese tourists visiting New Zealand. This led to an analysis of the image of New Zealand as a destination, and the way Chinese visitors perceived New Zealand through the filters of Chinese culture. Mindy currently works as a research associate in the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at the Auckland University of Technology.


Associate Professor Li Ping

Dr Li Ping

On returning to China Dr. Li first lectured at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages in the School of Hospitality Management. She is currently Associate Professor at the University of Hainan. Her interests lie in the impacts of tourism, especially with reference to heritage sites and places of cultural interest, while in addition she is also pursuing research relating to the development of adventure tourism products in China and Chinese concepts of risk. She too gained her doctoral degree at the University of Waikato and her research involved living at the Taoist village of Qiyunshan, Anhui for the better part of a year observing the impacts of tourism. This has formed the basis for a significant ethnographic study, and since her original research Dr. Li has been a frequent visitor to the village watching its development over the years.  

Associate Professor Zhang (Nancy) Xiaoyu

Associate Professor Zhang (Nancy) Xiaoyu

Dr. Zhang is our specialist advisor for issues relating to film tourism. She lectures at Beijing Union University and while completing her doctoral degree at the University of Waikato she undertook research relating to Hobbiton. She is a keen student of Cao Xueqin's novel "Dream of the Red Mansions". Dr. Zhang has won awards for her research undertaken at Beijing's Grand View Gardens, the site of the television series based on the novel. She is currently undertaking research relating to the Chinese film tourism industry and additionally into theme parks based on film in Beijing, specifically Universal Studios, and in China generally.
Associate Professor Zhang is associate editor for Tourism Critiques: Practice and Theory.

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