Our logo has been designed by Zhu Bo-fang, who has won several awards for his painting. He is specifically famed for his paintings of tigers. His work is exhibited in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and is often given as gifts to foreign heads of state by the Chinese government.

Our logo comes from an old Han tile showing the tiger. The tiger is, in Chinese culture, king of creatures, famed for being strong and assertive. We hope our research will be ‘strong’ and help both China and New Zealand to better understand each other, and to help our respective industries provide better and more informed services for tourists from all over the world to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Zhu Bo-fang currently serves as Academician of China Celebrities Painting And Calligraphy Academy; is Vice President of the Beijing Celebrities Painting And Calligraphy Center; Director of China International Artists Society; Academician of China Sanbai Painting And Calligraphy Academy; Vice President of Hua Xia College; Member of China Artists Association; Member of China Lao Tzu Research Institution; Member of China Religious Association.